Fuse board repairs DublinAt Dublin electricians we specialize in all work involving fuse boards, this can be fuse board servicing, repairing fuse boards or replacing them. A fuse board is probably one of the most important things that we have in our property as we rely on it to operate correctly and distribute electricity as required throughout our home or business.

Servicing fuse boards.

It is arguably as important to have a fuse board serviced as a boiler. If you haven’t paid any attention to your fuse board for a period of time things can start to go awry. The most common problem is when a board develops one or more loose connections. This can significantly increase the chance of fires and also reduces the lifespan of electrical appliances plugged in to the circuit.

Loose connections can develop in fuse boards for the following reasons.

  • Vibration, this could be from doors banging shut, building works or heavy traffic going by on the road.
  • Over heating, the cables can become brittle when overloaded.
  • If the connections are incorrectly torqued during installation.
  • Or if a connection in the terminal has too many cables fed in.

We find that over 75% of fuse boards we inspect have 1 or more loose connections. It is important to have a RECI accredited electrician as all of our are. Whilst on the premises servicing your fuse board they also check the following.

  • Checking the polarity within all power circuits.
  • Checking the kitchen sink earthing.
  • Checking the main gas pipe earthing (if you have gas).
  • Checking the bonding of the airing cupboard (hot press).
  • Checking the bonding of the gas boiler where applicable.
  • An inspection of the main earth visually.
  • Checking the continuity of the main earth.
  • Checking there is a neutralizing link present.
  • Verifying and testing of of R.C.D.’s.
  • Verifying and testing R.C.B.O.’s.
  • Conducting a visual inspection of of all sockets and switches.
  • Cooker and shower connection testing where applicable.
  • Testing of smoke alarms, heat detectors and burglar alarms.

Remember it may only take a few minutes to fix a loose connection but it can definitely prevent a bigger more expensive problem at a later stage.

Fuse board repair and replacement .

At Dublin electricians we have expertise in repairing and replacing all types of fuse boards. Depending on the type of board you have sometimes we would advise you to have a replacement rather than have it repaired. Often the old type of cartridge fuse boards (they have screw in fuses) are imprecise and cumbersome. They also carry a significant fire hazard risk when they are old. We can replace these  at a very reasonable price with a new M.C.B. (miniature circuit board). These are extremely reliable, are easily maintained and can be reset by the flick of a switch. Whatever the issue you have we can solve it.

Our team can help you with all types of fuse board problems.

  • Tripping switches and earth faults.
  • New parts and replacements
  • Blown fuse repairs.
  • Switch replacements.
  • Overloaded circuits.
  • Faulty wiring.
  • Increasing power and providing extra circuits.
  • Faults and power surges.
  • Fault finding.
  • Safety testing.
  • We repair all types of commercial and domestic fuse boards.

We are fully insured and all of our work comes guaranteed. For free quotes without obligation and professional expert advice just call your local team at Dublin electricians on 01-6874854.