Fire alarm installation DublinAt Dublin electricians we have over 25 years of experience in installing and commissioning fire alarms in Dublin and the surrounding counties. As legally required we carry out our fire alarm installations in accordance with IS. 3218 2009 code of practice. The N.S.A.I. introduced the fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings – system design, installation, servicing and maintenance legislation as fire alarms can be a matter of life or death.

For certification certain requirements must be met which can vary depending on different factors so as to ensure proper protection of people and property. N.S.A.I. inspectors regular assess our procedures and operations as certifiers and commissioners of fire alarm systems.

Varying factors involving in the installation of fire alarms can be :-

  • The types of materials used or stored within a building.
  • The building’s size.
  • The detection level needed.

When it comes to fire alarms there are 2 types of systems.

  1. An analogue addressable system. This system is most commonly found in the likes of government buildings,offices, large supermarkets and schools. These systems are highly reliable and accurate, they can detect where the alarm was triggered via the alarm control panel.
  2. A conventional system. These are more basic systems but still effective and meet all compliance legislation. These will usually be found in smaller retail shops, restaurants and pubs for example. They are popular as the cost is far cheaper than the analogue system.

At Dublin electricians our RECI certified, fully qualified team can install the fire alarm that will suit your needs. We are happy to share our expert knowledge with our clients to ensure they get the best protection at the most attractive prices in the market place. We will happily provide a quote for your requirements without any obligation. For more information please complete the contact form or call one of our senior team members on 01-6874854.